Expomed (April 4 -7, 2013)(2013-07-07)

20th International Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation Product, Device, System, Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair


This year, 1.204 companies and company representatives exhibited in EXPOMED and LABTECH FAIRS in Istanbul Turkey. More than 30,000 professionals from 68 countries visited the fairs.  

International visitors;
57% Eurasia
16% Asia-Pacific
14% Africa
12% Europe1% America 

EXPOMED LABTECH is the most influential medical exposition in the Eurasia region, and corporate and government buyers entered eagerly into new investment contracts and renewed previous ones through the Fair exchange. These buyers included hospital, clinic, and laboratory owners, managers, Ministry of Health executives, purchasing committee chairmen, and medicinal product importers from North Africa, Middle East, and the Balkans and Caucasia regions.  

In addition, executives from the biggest buyer, the Turkish Ministry of Health, was present at the fair. This marked a new stage in the reform of healthcare in Turkey. Turkish Minister of Health Dr.Mehmet MüEZZINOLU remarked, "The Fair has been a success for not only the healthcare development of Turkey also for the entire region." Marketing associates and visitors from 78 Turkish cities attended the fair.

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