Advance Infusion Sets

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With patented double-layer tubing design, the inner tubing made of polyurethane materials does not contain DEHP on the fluid contact surface to ensure the safety of infusion; while the outer tubing retains the original physical properties of infusion sets that do not change the work habits of nursing staff.

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Our precision filter infusion sets use filters made from nuclepore membranes which have been shown to be more effective in blocking insoluble particles than fibrous membranes. The effective interception and Filter of the particles can help significantly reduce the pain of infusion and infusion reaction so as to ensure the safety of infusion.

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Our other products include light-proof infusion pump tubes, high precision fluid filter, disposable intravenous needles and disposable gas filters.


Medical-grade polyurethane material without DEHP reduces toxic side effects. The product is an explosion-resistance tube, which can withstand pressure up to 350 psi,. The product is in Y-shaped with a straight catheter adapter design satisfied a variety of infusion needs. The cannula can handle in one hand conveniently with good sealing effect, which can produce positive pressure effect and guarantee the quality of sealing. Closed design of the product can reduce the risk of suffering from the blood-borne disease.