Other Products

Our other products include light-proof infusion pump tubes, high precision fluid filter, disposable intravenous needles and disposable gas filters.
Disposable Blood Transfusion Device (Xuzhou Yijia Product)

Scope of application:The inner layer of the device is made up of polyurethane (TPU) in contact with blood in a safer way,

Precision Fluid Filter

Scope of application:Used in conjunction with a deposable infusion set or syringe, this product can filter the particles

Disposable Precision Fluid Filter (Pump Tube Light Resistance)

Scope of application:The light resistance pump tube adds imported light-resistance agent on the outer layer, it is safe a

Disposable Intravenous Cannula

Scope of application:For clinical infusion use.

Precision Fluid Filter (Pump pine Ordinary)

Scope of application:The tube for the transparent pump uses the safety material does not contain plasticizer DEHP on the