Precision Filter Infusion Sets

Our precision filter infusion sets use filters made from nuclepore membranes which have been shown to be more effective in blocking insoluble particles than fibrous membranes. The effective interception and Filter of the particles can help significantly reduce the pain of infusion and infusion reaction so as to ensure the safety of infusion.
Disposable Precision FilterInfusion Sets (Xuzhou Ordinary)

Scope of application:Nuclepore membranes precision filter infusion have been shown to be more effective in blocking insol

Disposable BurettePrecise Filter Infusion Sets

Scope of application:It is equipped with a precision fluid filter with a waterproof membrane and air diaphragm. The water

DisposableFine-tuned PrecisionFilter Infusion Sets

Scope of application:Once the infusion flow rate is set, the flow rate of the drug solution is kept constant throughout t

DisposablePrecisionFilterSelf-exhaust Infusion Sets

Scope of application:Infusion bottles can automatically complete the exhaust gas procedure without inverting and squeezin

DisposablePrecision Filter Infusion Sets

Scope of application:Owing to the high filtration of precision, the nuclepore membranes material is a single polymer non-

Non-O-Benzene Disposable Precision Filter Infusion Sets

Scope of application:This product does not contain plasticizer DEHP, which effectively avoids its danger. The PVC infusio